Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hi sweet July!

Hi July, a sweet start.
I think I am ready for a really fresh new month ahead. Looking back to the past few months, I can say that I have emotionally reached a new phase of life. There were many scenes that I have consciously and unconsciously experienced. Some were actually new, some were routines and the others were "Aha" moments that enlightened my days.

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I have to be really careful with my heart and also my mind. It is now in a kind of sensitive phase which I, myself can not strongly control it. However, I do believe in the powerful of mind which it is said that you can control everything with the powerful mind of yours. Frankly speaking, even your orgasm is contributed by your great mind. Your mind is your king.Then, I am aware that I can gently handle my soft heart in the right way.
Though, I have some good improvement in one thing, one I should carefully consider is my tongue. Sometimes, I sounds "bitchy". I am not proud of that. I want an improvement.
To conclude this good writing (haha) I'm going to look forward for many good things ahead. I have to make sure that I create my destiny. I really want to write again with a good news that I have been waiting this week. I really hoppe a good news.
Good bye June and welcome a sweet July!

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