Friday, December 2, 2011

Counting my days!

Too many experience I wanna share to you but I have no time. It is wrong, acctually I don't know how to tell you one by one. Everyone is busy, not just me, but they can handle their time, do everything they want beside they job. So appreciate! I promise to update my post not to you but for myself, because I want to feel free with write everything.

Somedays ago, I posted my tweets about, "I am not good writer". It wasn't about my post or because readers said like that but totally coz good writers write everyday and I am not. I write but write a minithesis is not same with write what I want.

 Desember come, hooaaa, time to have a wonderful Chrismas and will have one  battle to finish journey in college.Ahaaa,  counting my days for battle when others count for great holidays. I hope time will in low  speed but others hope in high speed, hahahaha.

Beside of all this feeling, I really enjoyed my September, October and November days. Too many things to reflect and learn. Sometimes I feel dumb. Just aware  to see everything I did in the past.

Ok, this enough for today. Enjoy and feel free to give your opinions.
Sorry, I will late to visit your blog.


  1. hahaha susah baca tulisan orang pinter...
    kapan aku bisa ngomong wasweswos kaya gini ya..

  2. mas Rawins adalah salah 1 blogger paling aktif ngepost, comment juga, pertamax ni mas, haha

    lagi belajar bahasa Inggris itu, latihan:p


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