Friday, August 24, 2012

23 23 II

Actually being 23 years old is unbelievable. Yeah,I think that just yesterday I went to school in first time, had great experiences in junior & senior high schools and spent memorable moments in university and here I am, in my age. I believe all of you have it too. It seems usual but think deeply,amazing! great I am growing, God.
Now, I must do everything in a good way,consider with my age. Being childish is OK but just in certain things, change the negative behaviors & born again with try the positive behaviors. It's hard to do but it's a must.

Bloggers, we grow together in our great earth though we live apart but the greatest is we always have the same sun,stars and moon, family and friends around us & the things we love. It is very nice, just keep them happy and then we'll be happy year by year through this beautiful but hard world too with all of our daily promblems. This is what I want to keep in my heart and mind. I wish all of that in my age till end, of course for all of us.

Rosa D Panda

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