Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mother's worry

I wondered for long time when my mother would ask me about someone for my future. Jiahh finally this morning when I was trying to concentrate with what I had read,she spoke with me about it. Oh MG, this will be funny. She said that,"don't look for someone who you like or have something that you haven't. Better with someone who cares with you,faithful and simple.
I laughed.
"Yah,it's time to think it, consider with you age"she added
Ten minutes later, she mentioned someone in my past then asked me,"how about him?"
We laughed. I mean, mother was too much and very funny, strange too, force me to think about this topic.
I am just twenty two years old, though. I think, it's too fast to think about married. Mother just worried about me and it's normal. Parents want us happy as them or have better life than them in marriage and economy.

Rosa D Panda


  1. toss, my mom often 'push' me up with this question...

    the difference between us is I am 27... #sigh

  2. lucky or poor me? My Mom never ask me about someone who in to me?? ikkks. but it's make me enjoy, I don't need to be worry about it, when I feel I get my Mr. Right I will announce to my family, xiixix


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