Monday, August 13, 2012

Never too old to learn

It is said that you never too old to learn. Personally it's true statement and I am in too. For example my father does it in his fiveties . He sits in living room then read printed out paper from his office or what he got from courses or seminars. He finds new words for him and asks whoever that hear his voice. Sometimes I answer it quikly. There are some words that people use it and I always hear it even use it too but it's too difficult to make clear for father that read in his first time so it makes me try to remember it again or open the dictionary. In other words, I am learning too. I am happy with that,
He keeps his spirit up learning.
Actually, people must develop their brain even in old age because there are always something new everyday. Even things that you always see but it doesn't mean you are understand it. You will be happy with this experience, it's kind of 'ahaaa!' experience so you always see something new everytime and say'wow, I don't aware for long time'


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