Thursday, October 18, 2012

Light Off_Mati Gaya

What will you doing if your gadgets is no charges, batteries are off? Your laptop,Ipad, smartphone are useless, it is jus setted on the table like books, even the books more valuable in that condition, what should you do?:-{

The villagers in isolated area will not have feeling awkward but how about people who live in a city, who nowadays have been depended on the electricity. I am sure that people can't live without it. Somedays ago there was problem of electricity in my cousin house, it got one day to fixed that I was feel so 'ngeek':< what you called ' mati gaya'. My laptop was off even my hp too. I was reading again Kompas that I bought somedays ago,my old book Awareness, then learned TOEFL book but I wasn't endure it too long. Besides I couldn't take a bath so it was very hot. Huaah, the feeling was so ...'u name it'. Electricity is very important thing in our life.

I managed myself to feeling that's OK, just wait a moment, they were fixing it and everything will on soon but I am still a human then, hahahaha, moreover everyone was nagging. Jiaaah, so dizzy. 
I am aware that I am a little depend on handphone. It was awkward that you don't handle hp when you do nothing. But when I was thinking about gadgets mania who spread everywhere in city and town, that will be hard for them to through this problem. Even we are so busy in our work or still have conversation with others, we still keep communicate via hp or social network, handle that thing everywhere. How come their cope this things?

I recommended that you should charge your gadgets when it half empty, we dunno when the electricity off, if just in  a minutes that's will OK but I am not sure about that too, human really depends on electricity now. Even in the minutes, it'll lose out. Then, the important  things is try not to depends on gadgets . May you can leave your gadgets not handle in hour. That's to train you to aware that many things around still interest compare to your gadgets. Nature, handwriting, reading and communication with others.

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  1. that's why i like to have and read books offline.


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