Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The more u struggle, the more u get. The idea of being struggle is strong encourage to get what we want. Strong characters like patient & motivation are needed.

Who has big intention has great patiently. Patient is a rule. When u move without a rule then u in best way to failure. You'll get nothing. As a great example as always, TA.Edison did many experiments before had a Nobel. He learned from each experiment then improved for next experiments. He was really patient, try again & again, so all of us can feel the light when the night come.

Next, we go with something deep that move u named motivation. It's really essential. It's like a medicine, why? It helps us when we get down. It keeps the spirit burning. We must remember it, everyday. My friend Gisha, writes in her wall the targets so when she wakes up, she gets the motivation.

I think that the part of being struggle is not easy, not hard too. Just follow the rules & at the end, always pray.

*Enjoy.I write for me. Areminder

Rosa D Panda_Writing is healing

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