Friday, October 19, 2012

On the tJ

I am in transJakarta(tJ) now and feel so 'ngeek'. Then I am writing this while listening radio.The tJ to Pluit in the morning full of passengers, as always. Luckyly, my body is small so I got the place, in the corner of the tJ. See the picture, I just sitting in the other side,hehe. I am on the way for an interview in Pantai Indah Kapuk, so I am still very far from my destination:-{, then writing this blog is helpfull.

Bloggers, this interview is the reschedule because in the first time I was late, I got an accident on the way to go there. Cousin motorcycle's was trap on the street hole, but I am so grateful that I am OK. I am still shock and regret so I decided to use tJ though this will take long time. I waited at 6.30 in BNN shelter then still in till now(09.00) while my interview time at 09.30..
Ahh, I am in trouble.

PS: Yesterday, I worked with my template but it was going wrong. Then u see what you see now. I'll work with it after this.:D

Wish me luck!



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