Thursday, December 6, 2012


One hour ago I was in Cawang trainshelter. And yes, in front of me there was someone who is my type, hahaha..,though he was waiting for other train that going to Jakarta. I was going to Depok.

Two hours ago, I was in beautiful and warm room in Sudirman area. The officer was very kind, she answered all of my questions and gave me satisfy explanation about my plan,Aiss it is so helpful.

Now. Three hours later, I am sitting in warm place in a good library building, typing this post while waiting lappy download RM video. I am tired yeah after use transjakarta and train, my leg feels hurt. Luckily I bring my slipper.

I just sitting and feeling angry because I didn't succes to download e-book in avaxhome. I don't know why, may after this coz my list is full, hoho.

Yay, overall today is good. I filled all the blanks in my application then submitted it. I am thinking 4 other plan too, because hell yeaah, we must try in other way too. If I failed in one, I still have other.

Rosa D Panda_Writing is healing

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