Saturday, December 22, 2012

Selamat hari Ibu, ema!

  My mama is the strong one, firm, and more beautiful than me :D. I knew it was hard to her to sent me out of her view. She is regret of me. Because of that I always have different opinions with hers. T hat’s way I always talk about my dreams or something I wanna do with my father first then he will talk to mama. With mama, I talk about the daily conversations, update news, gossips and yeah parents advice to her only daughter :D.
Each year when the Mother day comes, I certainly remember my mother, I called ema or mama. Yeah, the day is  special because I think many experiences I have been through in years.  She prepared me went to school when I was 5. After took me a bath, she was stood me on a chair which faced with sunshine then cleaned me by a towel and let me some times, dried in the sunshine. Since Bajawa is the cold town so I enjoyed this part so much before she dressed me up on my yellow Bhayangkari uniform.

The school and my home are far enough but she nearly always accompanied  me went to school then picked me up by foot (Sometimes, my fiend’s parents by motorcyle). We went to the traditional market then. I used to get gorengan (molen) or bonbon,as  always in my hands. We walked together on a way home , she kept my hand on her left hand, the other with the vegetables basket.  I remember someone  already died, a young man who had physical defect, always sat (It seemed not sat, he leaned on the wall, sometimes played with mud). My mama will stopped and asked me to brought the molen or money or fruits or cake to him. I am not sure of it but I think this young man knew us. He couldn’t speak too but he looked happy.

Happy mother’s day to my mama, my aunts, cousins and womens all around the world and the last for us who are still preparing to be good mama one day. Today is yours, mama! Ah, I hope my younger brothers do best in home!

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  1. happy mothers day.

    kagak nyambung :p


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