Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Brother Stories

I have missed my family so much these days. Luckily my first bro have called me and we had a nice chit chat. Sometimes, we braggs the old joke, the funny words we never hear again like "nganga leba sekali, wala, e ale". Not only nice chat but also serious problems too like each point of view about life and end with disagrement opinions about that. Yeah, I do respect others so if we againt each other that doesn't really matter so
does he. I am so grateful because he have a good job now and hope he will do his best and stay healthy.

Next I was phoned by my mother and she said about my younger brother, San. He and his friends showed how well they dancing in public ceremony in town square. I was surprise because I thought that he was a shy person unlike the second bro. I assumed his personality like the first but it was wrong. He danced as well as the second.

Rosa D Panda_Writing is healing

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