Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shadow is you

He said about someone, and I am feeling sad. I guess, he has fallen in love or something with I don't know who. It is like a glass, fragile, it's break slowly. I have begun like him since I knew him by words, his words, just it, it's kind of strange. Yeah, he has his own feeling to the other lucky girl, I guess. I appreciate who he is, a different person, not like the other. We have same in everything(I guess), yay.

We had some conversations and I enjoyed it. He was caring and understanding and it helped me through my hard time. Hey you, I really appreciate it:-D
Hope you are doin well with things you do. I should back behind the line, but how if this become more strong?:'-(
Next, the ITP TOEFL test is good enough for applying scholarship but how could my last ETP better than this one. Yay, tips for next try is really focus on the listening section. I confident with my listening but I let myself being distrub with something else, not really listened, yay I couldn't fill the blank.

Rosa D Panda_Writing is healing

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  1.'s been a long time since my last drop in your blog, kak rosemanise!
    Hope I can be your biggest fan ever! ehehe..

    And if this post is a about a true one-sided love, we're in the same boat then *the truth is cruel*


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