Thursday, February 14, 2013

Reading Passage

I was searching a channel on radio and then I stopped moving when I heard about discussion in English in medical technology (hearth disease). Acctually, one of the speakers is non native in Indonesia and I am so surprise that they are mention about Mayo Clinic. I am not familiar with the clinic but just yesterday my first time read about a history of Mayo Clinic in my TOEFL reading passage and spent time a lot to reread about it . What a time!
You know, I feel so bored if I don't familiar with reading topic in my Toefl preparation text. I can't find the answer quikly and feel sleepy:-O. Sometimes I wonder where on Earth the characters or the stories in the reading passages(public figure stories/history) took place instead I have known just my thaught was strange. It was real.
I hope I will be given familiar reading passages in my ITP TOEFL today. I am so nervous, guys! I hope a good score that can pass for scholarship requirement.
Hope all of you are doing good readers!

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