Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy Birthday, Wig!

Another year has passed by, I am very grateful to have you in my life.
Happy birthday to my beloved brother Wigbertus Goa Panda.
May God gives you strength and spirit to work with Him. Having you all around is such a bless.
I learn a lot from you too. Many thanks for all your kindness to us.Keep learning & doing what you think good for you and the others. I'll stay behind to support you. I hope we can always support each other.

I hope you start reading many good books to help you and me grow in this very rich and strange world. Reading is good way to know many things which is out of your insight. Many thoughts are available to make us rich both spirituality and intelligence.However, world needs your own thinking,  your own criticism and your own thought to make you are really stand in your own foot. In order to that, I have learnt that we should know things with reading, reading and reading.
I am also trying to read many kinds of books again. I hate history but a lot of good thoughts and information are waiting for me to read. I am trying to read that kind of books.

The important thing when we remember the day we was born is , we must pray for our beloved mother. She is the hero after all. When I get older day by day, I get to know how painful to deliver a baby. A mother spends day by days without forget thinking about her children. I always believe that our healthy and blessed is because of her pray.  (*If you go on holiday, please help her, wuakkkkakka, ema told me that you went somewhere else. I know where you go but be responsible when you are in home)

Once again, happy birthday.

I trust you like our father is always.
Keep shining for minutes, hours, days and years to go.

I love you.

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