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Hola..,buenos dias!Encantando! 

Emma, a very good nanny who loves what she is doing with her job. She is very responsible person who loves the children like her own even though she hasn't had any yet. The bad news is she is being slandered by  Totty, the other nanny. She then involves in the luxury and confused life of Hollywood artist Bella Murphy and Morning,  her adoption African little boy. She even didn't get paid but willing to do because she has fallen for little Morning smile and eyes.
Life of Emma changes to be more fun as she meets an Orlando on the way to Italy and Darcy Prince, an English actress who told to be shine in her new Hollywood movie Galaxia.

Well that is my little summary of the novel. Let me tell you what I am thinking of this kind of novel.

I was not planning to read a novel but then it was. The author has a good way to introduce the characters in to the story. At first, you wouldn't recognize the relationship of each character in the whole story. I thought  that it was short stories but then the characters have shaped the new world. You'll be realize that the world is just small, lol.

From my point of view, the author did the good job in expressing and describing each of characters so you can feel it. Each of them is strongly mention so I think that you may can choose other main role of the story. Mine,  I choose Emma while you may choose Darcy Prince, who still in finding of what her real life is.

The lack may be the way author Wendy Holen described the setting of place and town. I am just not really get the beautiful of Florence Italy because all the characters happen to coincidentally meeting in there because the movie shooting and the family holiday.

Well, it is really fun to read this novel. Enjoy
Adios, Hasta Luego! 

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