Sunday, July 17, 2016

Beta carotene for better eyesight #2

I don't like carrot by the way. I mean when eating the raw one. 

As I am growing older, the  awareness of healthy is increasing, somehow.  When I read a post about "How to improve eyesight naturally?" , suddenly I realized that I better have much supply of beta carotene. I start wearing glasses when I was in Junior High School, 2nd grade. It was because my reading habit became worse. Reading while lying down, in the dark and might sitting to close to  TV as well. 
 Don't ask why  I was so attached to reading at that time :D. The comics  and novels (Oh dear, I have to mention Conan, Kungfu Boy, Serial Cantik, Captain Tsubasa, Samurai X, HP, Enid Blyton serials, R.L Stine serials). I didn't have them though, borrowed to the rent and friends so it forced me to read at a speed because I have to exchange comics with friends in order to save our pocket money. 

So here I am, at minus something.Eating raw carrot is not best choice for me, because its not sweet. While others said otherwise.  I just don't like it. I did browsing for the mixed carrot juice recipe. Many suggest to mix  carrot with lemon juice and mangoes. 

Here the recipe for 1 serving of carrot mixed lemon juice. 
1. Mangoes : a proper amount 
2. Lemon juice : one is enough ( warning : First you have to juicing the lemon, don't ever put the raw lemon directly to the blender or juicer, LIKE I DID, POOR ME. It tasted bitter because the seeds)
3.Carrots :  3 carrots is enough.
4. Water and Sugar if you like it sweet. 

It was refreshing. You can make it in the morning or in the afternoon. For me, I drank it after dinner. Why? I want to gain more weight :D

Selamat mencoba!Good luck! 


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