Saturday, July 23, 2016


They will not tell you about their bad conditions. You should call  regularly to check on them. 
I texted my father about their condition after days . The reply came soon and I was deeply sad.

Soon after that, I called him.

He said that he run into wood and his feet got wound. He ignored the wound and then it become worse. He said that it's OK, now because he got to see physician already. Too bad, he had to use the stick.

My response was kind of angry. What the hell my father run without sandals?
I said that he was asking to get that kind of sick. He was sorry  to say that he was not even thinking at that time. I could imagine that he was mad at the goats.
Now I know this kind of expression. You are angry at someone, not because you hate them but because they are too precious to have such an accident. Because you really love them so that you angry with them.

I am sad that I am not there to help them do errands or groceries or whatever-
But today my brother arrived home safety. I hope he can do good things while there. However I have no high expectation about him to stay at home. He always have many activities that required him to stay outside. But at least they have him.

Ok, I should call my father again. They told me because I am asking. This because they don't want me have many worries. I am not a nice daughter, didn't even ask how they are doing for about four days.

Get well soon, bapak.


  1. Yup, sometimes our anger not because we hate them our our beloved one. But more to that we love them and we upset to ourselves because we can't do anything. When my little daugther fell and got a lot of injury, rather than to console her, I angry to her. Then I realize that I angry because I upset to my self due to I can't take care of her well.

  2. "They will not tell you about their bad conditions. You should call regularly to check on them."

    That, made me think. Thanks :)


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