Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The pain of a mother

Dear mother,
I am truly happy that you are happy. I am grateful that I can  make you happy as I am now.
Still, the path is long way to go but the thing is I am truly grateful that you always there.

I do believe that the path of me and my siblings is because of your prayer to our Almighty that nourishes  and protects us as always.

As the times goes by, I realize that you face the up and down too in your life. The fact that we, your children contribute to add the difficulties  is one to mention too. However, somehow you manage to accept things between each of us. I am happy that we, your children, become those individuals  that can manage ourselves well, despite of many  imperfections.

I know for real that you love your big family so much ( I can not be specific) . You are taking care of them even they are not even ask. You really want to be part of their life. You are even thinking about them day by day but the thing is, they are not that fond of you. It is a pain to me, to see you hurt yourself because of them (one or two people). I wish I can fix your broken heart. Unfortunate for me, the one that can fix one heart is the one himself and the Almighty God.

Through this long distance, thru this writing, I send my love and prayer to you. He is the one, our  Almighty that can take care of your pain and disappointment. I always hope that the peace is always with you. I do hope and pray that you are always in your best condition, stay happy, strong and  cheerful.


  1. Seorang ibu memang tidak akan memperlihatkan rasa sakit yang sedang dirasakannya di depan anaknya karena takut anaknya tahu, sungguh mulia sekali seorang ibu.


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