Thursday, December 23, 2010

Choose one best

First, i want to say that"Selamat Hari Ibu". Remember  some years ago when my beloved mom and me were watching tv shown about mother's day, at  22nd  December. Really unforgettable moment, though cold night in lovely Bajawa.

This was such thing, that made me unhappy. But i was feeling satisfied when i did.

Like in two ways, that you have an option to choose which one best for you. Just one, not both of it. Like in what more do you like, red roses or white roses(hem, hope you understand what i mean to say...your logical is not important here, just use your heart..). Clearly , i just want to say, it's like you can't only use your shirt without your jeans or skirt. it isn't commonly, right?

Back to my topic, that what i mean is i have problem when i decide to choose something that have same priority and both same number of risks and advantages. Really , make me confuse.

Maybe just calm, thinking more, more and more so maybe i can choose the right one, red or white roses and then cut it off.

*Life's  lesson(today): Each person has different way to grow up and different way to think about something, so hear, understand and respect

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