Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Life is learn

Hi, i am back. I woke  so early. Thanks God. Wow...,i didn't forget yesterday. I was learning something important that is, my worried and prejudice ISN'T important than my brave to do it alone.

Yeah, i always have problem with my afraid sense and then because i am afraid, i hang to others. Ow, bad. I know that, sometimes i forget that i am brave person. Hemmm, i must always  update my conscious that i am in real life, in my own way and can cope everything in my small hand.

Simple to enjoy life but because care about big deals more, so i am forget little things or commonly things in my life. It 's important when you ever ask why i am in life, why we can't live without air, water and land, why grass is green, and  many more why...

I found that i must to be conscious day by day. It's the words when i can say that, i am enjoy with my life.
Yeah, it is difficult to change old mind but if you want to step forward, you must. I did slowly.

Thanks to Gisha Kristy, hahahahaha.. What a  boring day, haaa..?(waited me, but i think you enjoy your browsing, hahaha)thanks for your support.if I met and chatted with you,  oooh I would  touch the sky...,hahaha. Oh, here we are idiots in big earth.

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