Monday, January 21, 2013

Introduce Flores via Cupudalang

As I have said before, I want to give a tour to u expecially for travellers & friends who want to make Flores island as a destination. I must say that Bali is great place to visit but Flores island give you more wonderfull and awesome scenery for you beside its strong etnics . If u want to have a good refresing place, with silence & majestic surrounding are ur priority, I bet Flores will the best place. While Bali have lots of people(tourists), crowded and its already too much of what I called comersial. Hell yeah, it is an advantages but it is too much.

Here you go, with some great videos made by my videographer friends, Wilfrid Cupudalang. He is on his way introducing Flores movie. You can see on his fb page here and please like his page on fb for more support to his great work. He tries to show you how beautiful everything he have found thru his camera work.
Stars _belongsto Wilfrid


Kampung Adat
Photos credit Wilfrid Cupudalang

I bet you will be have a good experience here with untouched natures. You will find many great objects to have a photoshoot. So prepare your camera, stamina and of course budget >< for this worth traveling.

Rosa D Panda

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