Friday, January 25, 2013

Sad Feeling T____T

Sorry, bloggers!

I just want to write this sad feeling, to liberate it and accept it, that may not my way to get what I want.
How sadly I am! That's really sad! But I am truly believe that is the best decision in this situation. Arrrrggghhhhh, but I must say I missed one worth program due to technical problem. T______T I am a bit worry about the consequences that I will face in the future.

Honestly, I have found myself on difficult to cry about self problems even I really want it. I can cry if there are someone or more who feel sorry or pity about me while some prefer cry alone. Actually, I cry because their sympathy and hugs. If I am alone, I can't cry, it is hard.

The strange thing is I move so easily when I watch sad scene movie, drama, reality show and amazing things surround (stars, sun, moon, beautiful scenery), the touched moment. The tears goin so easily till my nose full of mucus T___T  for something not my problem even till I am dizzy. Heheeheehe strange, huh! How about you?

Luckily I have found the good things to cry, write the feeling down and after it 70% of it vanishs.

Everything will be fine! Ahhh, I want to have boyfriend now T_____T for lend me his shoulder or just listen what I want to say.


  1. sometimes, we hope have a boyfriend who can lend us his shoulder or just listen what we want to say but sometime the fact if is not like we hope, they are very busy with themselves, their business and soon #oups curcol

    overall hope your sad feeling will go away ASAP ;)

    1. heheehe mba Diah nangkapnya pas bagian paling bawah, hahaha saya ga gitu pengalaman hihihi jd rada ngarep :D

      Tapi yg terpenting abis nulis rsanya plong gitu, wrinting is really healing!

    2. heheheh, abis gak mudeng knapa sad, ada apa? keadaannya kek gmana kan gak digambarin details, jadi nangkap yg klimaksnya aja. xixiix

      Writing is really healing, yeaah.. chayooo!! let's write anything that you can't say orally xooxoox :D

  2. keep strong, and remember:

    God have suffered half (or even 70 %) of your problem...


  3. ehm..
    kayaknya lagi galau ya mbak?
    salam kenal ya mbak,,
    happy weekend with your boyfriend


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