Monday, January 14, 2013


Things may so different now than they were before I left. The house and surroundings that I can't say it mine again. It was and I am really miss it. How come I forget it, I had lived 17 years, though I am not remember what happened in the first four years.

Ok, let me show you what I have remember about Bajawa and I am pretty sure this is not change at all.

First of all, the Sunshine, the one that I always looked into with one eye closed after took a bath with my towel still on and sounds of "brrr brrr". Guys, it was so cold, and it is always.

What's next? Stars! I am move easyly with see those stars spread in the bright blue sky. I become smaller when I see it. I don't need to wait till dark comes,plus the cold will caught me but those stars already there before 6 pm. As I said, bright sky:-D. Unfortunately, I just memorize it, but my great photographer friend tcaptured it nicely in dark night after rainy in Bajawa, looked same with those I saw in Mbay. Ahhh, I already mentioned about the stars months ago in this post mix, about take a bath under the moon light and stars like on the photo, miss that time.

Thanks a lot Will, I will show his photos soon, bloggers! You will love it.
This belongs to Wilfrid Cupudalang

In the end, I love sayur tumis pucuk labu! Just the leaves (exactly the shoots) not the white pumpkin.The pumpkin is a representative from Bajawa. You can have ton of it back to your home. I ate tumis pucuk labu a lot when I cameback some months ago, though it is not directly from first seller which its still fresh. Unlike Bajawa, in Mbay we got it from may the thirth or fourth seller, and it fade already.

Rosa D Panda

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  1. Tumis pucuk labu hmmm sound is delicious :) I never eat that, maybe sometime u must post about it :D


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