Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I am a..

What is in my head now?
I have made a reflection
about myself recently.
So grateful coz God shakes in my life and what I hv done so far though some seem so blur
I am twenty something, an adult but still look like teen. I am a woman but not look like a real one, hate on make up things but still need to make sure my face is more bright sometimes:-D
Anti mainstream, just do what I want but it is still average.
Fallin in love with poetry, sky with bright stars, pictures, scenes, smiles, and the silence. Admire people with dreams and their confidences to do that. Love to have bunch of letters or postcards even in this hi-tech years, it will be so touched.

The only daughter of lovely parent & sister for the three great brothers. Each of them with their own personalities, have given me the taste of life.

Love to listen other point of views & respect it.

The question whole time is how to gain more weight? ><

The POINT is all written here almost me but not(GA). Soul is really something.

Rosa D Panda_Writing is healing

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