Monday, January 21, 2013


Flu virus always active in my body when the weather change from hot to cold, how about you,guys? I don't like paracetamol for healing the effects. Commonly, its over itself with more sleep & warm water. Luckily just nostril problem >:-( and cough, minuses fever and headache.
I got bored in the third day, and want to get the flu over, can't wait until itself gone.

I found myself searched something in the kitchen and fortunately there were lemons so then warm lemon extract was fresh my throat. Tweeted about that and k Rani replied. She was suggest dringkiwarm sweet ginger,I love it too but there wasn't ginger. I remember 2 or 3 years ago when I got cold, haiah with the fever in dormitory, so I moved to ka Rani's room. She threated me well, I was covered by thick blanket, my sweater and sarong. She wanted the heat gone & it did. Every hour she forced me drank warm water. I was so blessed those days, thank u so much, k Ran, the fever gone & showed my pale face on TV show the next day.

Rosa D Panda

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