Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2013!

Were you have fun new year eve? I hope you were, guys!
Gathered around with people you love, had cups of soda, pieces of roasted meat and played with fireworks. That's many did it, because fireworks everywhere. Woahhh I bet people in the world burnt millions of money that night! Half just watched that, prayed together at home and church, other went to special concert in the center of the city even celebrated in mountain or beach.

On the other hand, half of people just think new year eve is same with other nights. All about numbers, right? They think better sleep early if you have no activity with family or friends, prepare for tomorrow activities.

How about me that night? After canceled gather with Oslo Princess &gang,because I can't go alone there, I just watched fireworks before midnight & slept. Then have roasted fishs and corns at the first day with my cousin family at their home while my mom&2nd bro did it in the Marapokot beach. Aw, so yummy and fresh!

Rosa D Panda_Writing is healing

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