Thursday, July 19, 2012


Good morning bloggers, I hope this will be our brightess day. Honestly, this not mine. After I woke up just 5 minutes, I felt angry. Actually what I want wasn't angry. I'll change my mind quikly if I feel angry. It works sometime but it isn't too may because I like to be in jail. My jail. I need time to be normal but if someone open the case again, my calmness broke in to a pieces. It easy to me to cry.I know it isn't like that,I should learned it to focus on 'what is the matter' not the feeling. Yeah,I just sad and the real one was afraid. Mr Tony said it too. We will angry if we are afraid. I should change quikly with inhale &exhale for 5 minutes before try to understand why I was angry. It may difficult yeah not easy like said it in normal condition. The best way to deal with angry is accept &understand why we angry. I don't want to angry all day. It'll be waste my time and energy. Better I go with other things that make me happy like writing, reading or listening to the music.



  1. For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness...if you know what I mean =)

  2. when i angry, i just sleep.. it heals.. and also going shopping..

  3. go out , find new atmosphere , close to nature , breath the fresh air.. , it build a "large" feeling..


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