Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Father's story

One day, I woke up so early & felt nervous. I went to other town to bring my application letter. My father & uncle said that doesn't matter as long as I am sure I have quality to get the job so it made me calm. Acctualy what I want to tell u is about what my father did that day. It Inspired me. While I prepare my bag, he was washing the dishes. Honestly, my respect moves high. Of course I took the plates from his hand but he said 'just let me'. My mother saw it too and said the same as me but he smiled and said that a husband serviced to wife then we laughed together. I stood behind him. He continued, 'don't dare to do small job like this though u will have a great job or become fame. Work with small things, it won't break your pride.
May the best is forget about pride because that will make us free. Do what we want to do. Playing with children, sing a song with bad note, write what I want to write, Let free, life just once.


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