Monday, July 30, 2012

Trust & Consistency

Have you planned to go abroad?Take a course or magister there? It would be great! However, the way isn't easy need a consistency and a trust. Why?

First, we need a consistency. It is known to take a TOEFL test from ETS(English testing Service) that requires in university or institution where you want apply. You should prepare for it with learn it yourself or take a course so that you will get good score. In that way, you need a consistency, always learn TOEFL test and keep the spirit up.

Next, trust is what you need too, trust your self and God's plan. Without trust all you do are worried then you become afraid and lack of confident so it distracts your preparation. You will down and pessimist.

As the conclusion, I contend that consistency and trust are two things that we should keep on mind to catch what we want.

Rosa D Panda

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