Monday, July 9, 2012


I was dreaming to be an inspiratif teacher in small village when I was twelve years old. Why? It came because I read story books that were published by Balai Pustaka.I found it in old cupboard at the corner of classroom. Not our but first grade 's. It was like hide there, may till we have empty room use as library. Without my teacher permission,I came to read it with my close friend. Yeah,I have gotten my close friends because we were good &ambitious readers. We used to visit library every free time, saved our pocket money to rent the comics. Since primary,I have another dream to have a library where others can come to read too.It'll be fun. Then publish my monthly magazine with news & inspiring stories. I have plan that in my junior high school diary. Well, now time to work with it. Action always better than words.
That is mine, how about yours bloggers?

Rosa D Panda

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