Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cute Birds

Birds are fly, it's their fate,their life. In my opinion birds must be free, it doesn't have to trap on the cage. On a small cage everyday, just fly in limited area, whereas they should and deserve feel the fresh air in the bright blue sky.

I wanted to have one or two birds in my house too but I think it's too much for them. It's like I have leg but I can't use it to run even walk. I got two little birds in different days that can't fly because it wet. The cute one is red and the other is green, very lovely, isn't it?
I don't deserve to have it but to be honest I wanted it,hahaha. I was remember that birds make their life with fly so I decide to let them free. Live well birds, God save us together.

For those people that have cages with birds, think just a moment, how you feel when you have perfect legs but you can use it, you just trap behind a wall of small room. Furthermore, birds deserve their life, wings are used to fly in wide sky.

Rosa D Panda_Writing is healing

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