Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Soul-A half poem

How dare I did it to myself?

War with self is the big war happens on Earth. Nothing can describe that. A weakness position in someone's life, little soul hide in the corner, would you find me? Something broke in to pieces, it was cut by a knife.
A soul, would you find me?
I am afraid. I can lie to make this like nothing, but my eyes will say the truth,can you see?
Big hole here, I, myself have digged it, could you stop me?
Someone said that, noone can be trust & I believe it too, but would you mind to make me trust you.
A soul, I am just a women with big dreams,everybody except some close, seem laugh at me., Oh they can,they deserve do what they want to,

and I? I deserve to fight, survive till the end, would you beside me, hold my hand and become my cheerleader? Close my ears for unsupportive comments? And prepare your shoulders if I become weak?

Rosa D Panda

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