Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Father- a friend

My father has everything I want. He is a friend to me. He is great father. He has given all of his trust to us, his children.
He considers what we have planned to our future.

He has a sense of humor. Oh MG, I feel bad, today I am nagging about how hard my life is. He said nothing in the moment, I think that he was worry, he wanted me not to feel hurt. He does that, to each of us. Sometimes it is good but you know sometimes it is bad, yeah it brings big hope but small possibility.
He said all is well and support me to do in other way. Then, we talked about my brother, the second, he is senior in high school. I asked how about his next education, he said that it is my brother decision, he will wait till my bro graduate but allowed me to give some important points about how to choose next step? Yeah ,I know that is hard for my father, he will retired as a public servant next year on June,so it's time for both my first bro & me to help my parent.
I wish we can.
I love you, dad.

Rosa D Panda

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  1. Kalau tulisan yg seperti ini, entah kenapa saya selalu "tersentuh"

    Cie wisuda cie... congrats ya Ross!


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