Monday, November 19, 2012


Yayaya, that is not far. I can feel it, the air there. I will love and will be loved there. It just me, make it seems so far.I have all the cheerleaders around, they are fun, doing fun in sadness and happiness too but they are still cheer me too. Oh MG life is dizzy but fun.

How about the title? Jingga?What does it means? Ngeeek, I just dunno too.
Forget the rule about good writing, hohoho
No idea, just love the sound when I am saying it. Not my favorite colour too, but heeey I love when it is painted in the sky. Like one of this photo that I took in the rice field.

Thankyou God, I am still alive and aware.

Rosa D Panda_Writing is healing

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