Thursday, November 15, 2012

God, Passion & Awareness

God, passion and awareness that make you are you. It the three things that you should have, that you are called richman. Yeah, it just my perspective, either a girl/woman, who still feel being a little cute kid in her ten years old.

God is the first. Why? To be honest, I am not good as God's friends. Sometimes I feel I am very close to him but sometimes too I am far away. Lately I realized that I am not being dragged by something/someone, that just me, my own. I choose to feel that way. I should think that I am not really alone, God beside me. I'd like to walk with Him, aware is the key, every minute.

Next is the thing we called passion. Personally I think it is deeper than hobby. Something that really move & make us happy. It'll not just pleasure but it'll hard too. We will do not under pressure but will face the challenges bravely.

Finnaly the last is awareness. Aware is simple, just see what you see, not you want to see. Look like I go easy through the happy & hard times.

Rosa D Panda_Writing is healing


  1. Amazing, Menarik untuk dijadikan Judul Buku.. gimana kbrnya rose?

  2. mantap deh gan mantap banget,,,,,,

  3. makasih banyak atas semua info nya ,,,,,,,,

  4. mantap gan mantap banget info nya ,,,,,,,,,,


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