Saturday, December 26, 2015

Good Holiday

I didn't prepare my holiday at the beginning. My friend asked me and my answer was Jakarta and Bogor while honestly it is not my favorite place. I may go there just one day or two to get rid my boredom. Well, sorry for those who longing for long holiday, I have almost 20 days of day off from school and I have no itinerary.

Travelling generally means to me if I am not just travel around, but at least I participate in something like conference, relatives wedding or seminars.

Last night I searched about the possibility of getting summer school scholarship anticipating my next summer holiday. I checked my previous and found one email from my Malaysian friend about one international training in peace in Pati Semarang. I checked the dates, and the good news is I am available on that day.At first, I was disappoint because the registration was closed since November. However I tried to email them and got the good news today. I can participate on the training in 4-9 January 2016.  I have my tickets and I am excited to meet the other participants as well as the facilitators.

I'll talk more about it later. Keep the good feeling and sharing to people around you.


  1. Woah there's also a Malaysian citizens over there ? cool , I'm from Malaysia too , So about "one international training in peace in Pati Semarang" . What's their programmed ? Is it under government or Indonesian N.G.O or joined programmed between N.G.O around the world ?. It looks promising and It's looks fun too because this kind of experienced is once of a life time :)

    1. Hi, sorry for my late reply..I don't know whether there will be a Malaysian too, but O got information from my Malaysian friend.It is under NGO


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