Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's gift

It was a long day for me. I felt exhausted so before I slept last night, I gave my deep sigh. I  also felt my strength released over my body and I was surrounded by my weakness. I felt low and finally let all my worry go while I slept. Well, it is not really big issue though, just something come up in my mind, something like what if, how can, etc.
The good news now is that I am happy to tell you how happy I am now. After releasing a deep sigh last night, I forgot everything and fallen into a deep sleep quickly. Guess what? I had a dream about my  cool grandfather. I want to write that because the feeling was like he is visiting me and comforting me. Also, I am felling supported by the fact that he came by wearing  his blue western-style shirt and Nagekeo"s sarong plus a laptop bag in the back. That was cool.
He looked so fresh like a young man as wise as before.

I don't know what we  were  talking about  but as we sat together in a restaurant table.  I told him what is my life now and
 he want me to believe in my self and do whatever I want to do. I felt love and support all over me. He gave his trust. The feeling is like you are home already for the New Year.
Well I want to remember this nice dream, it is a nice dream to end the 2015 and to continue my life with a good positive vibe for those around. Hopefully, 2016 will be better for me, for every person in my life and for you readers.

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