Friday, August 2, 2013

Babies Name

My best friend just asked me to give an idea about her children name. Owww, I was so impressed but still not have any idea about the name.
"hemmm, how about George? Yeahh, like princess William's son"
"Yey, nope, I don't want something mainstream. I don't like it."
" So, do you have any on your mind?"
"I am still working on it. I am looking to find a good meaning, hemmm,it's still on puzzle."
"Yay, give me the meaning , I'll help you find good name then."
Hey, but I think it must be both of you working with that. It'll be really cute for couple to find their children names. Hope you'll find good names then. If there will be a girl, named after me, hehehehe.
Yayyy, I just realize that just yesterday we were talking about homework or comics or magazines in our teen days and now we are thinking about baby's  name.
It's really not a joke. She is in her pregnancy now and expecting her babies come in August. Yeaahhh, babies not just baby, she will give a birth to a twin.
There is such a bless to have her as my best friend. I hope, she will cope everything, her regrets & stress in these days. 
I knew it is hard for her but I bet her life will much better after the twin come in to her life. I am looking forward to it, dear A! I am really proud of you 

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