Monday, August 12, 2013


It was nice Sunday. When you were planning something else besides  church then going church first. Noted!
Dear Mary, it was a nice day to be reminded of your life story, beautiful characters & attitudes. Please keep me staying near God's hand.

Next story is, after our last meeting in Erlyn's house, we were meeting again as we planned before but the place had changed to another place where we thought there wouldn't be so crowded. Yeah, it was. We spent half of day in UI lake where we blacklisted if we still students hahaha. After had lunch that we bought at the near "warteg", we felt sleepy a bit because the silence was perfect but we ended up played card.

Here is some photos we took and my favorite one is zombie style/oppa D**** style.

I am grateful for the simple trip. I hope my father and 2nd brother will arrive safely on their trip from Ende to Kupang by ship. Now Wig is in his days preparing for college days. I hope he will do best for everything & I knew he was.


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