Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Virginity test issue

Is that very important for young people when they want to go to education institution?
Honestly, I think this is a really stupid test. Hell yeah though, I still not find any clear reasons for the test but
if there is a logical reason, I doubt that I will receive it sincerely. Just stupid.
Ok, I will try to give a reason, it may to make student doesn't try to have sex before married.
Then they can freely accepted with virginity status on their Student Identity Cards.Of course, that is the reason but it just odd.
There is why education is not just education foundations, teachers, schools and
government issue but of course society must responsible for that too especially family.
As long as family can strongly manage their children who are in students age both boys and girls,
there is much better than virginity test issue. I must say again, it is really odd.
I am just speechless and feel sad, it issued by local government, what is happening to this country then?  or I am just too worry? or the issue gives more positive impact?
but the question is, is that education parallel to virginity? or simply education is just for those who still virgin or something like that?
My opinion is not because I am not a virgin or not, and sure it is not important to share here, hahahaha.

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  1. untung artikelnya pake bahasa inggris...jadi komentarnya cukup minta maaf "saya ngga ngerti bahasa inggris"....;o)


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