Thursday, August 1, 2013

Welcome August

Heyyyy, this absolutely my month! Yeay, the August comes, here is the first day. 
I was grateful for Chem07 gathering moment in the best place in Depok. Well, surrounded by people who inspire you a lot in everything make the moment was so refresh, right? Life after graduation day was so real; it wasn't same with in college. Everyone faces & battles with each problem. Many may still idealism for what they want for life, many may not. Reunion brings some ideas & inspirations back again.

Life is not such working then builds a family, work and that's all. Learn from meeting  & greeting makes me feel so refresh. As a human, we used to be reminded by people around, by their experiences, thoughts, characters, & attitudes. When we have more open mind that is easy to make our life better. We can learn from other experiences and share ours too. Each people we meet along the way in our life, will teach us what us want for life, if we allow them do that. Also, we can be an inspiring person for others. It will be a help to others and us too. 

I am feeling grateful for life so far and it'll be in the future too. 

I am here

Welcome August!

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