Wednesday, August 14, 2013


After read many stories about the successful applicants who wrote their experiences, I am feeling down but excited too.
Oh My, how can I? Damn! I am the most confident & brave person who apply the scholarship abroad?
My fear comes out because they are really have good score academically & also their English are great. 
Some of them were really struggled to achieve their dreams, tried more than five times to get a scholarship while I was countless.
I was busy doing nothing, sought my reasons why I didn't apply, satisfy with the answer that my academic record is not good enough
to achieve scholarship. Try it first, girls. Not just try, but try your best.
So far, I failed my first try coz I didn't submit my iBT Toefl test at the specific time the scholarship had given, so it failed automatically.
Then the second was the heart terror, hahahaha. It was hard to explain what I did at the time, I was so stupid ,it seems funny though .
Whatever, I am still waiting the result till December, hell yeah OPTIMIST is not wrong.
I hope, I can attend Toefl iBT soon before the new period of scholarships closed.
Many things to learn, first my writing skill. I knew that I am not structural writer. I was weak to organize what I want to write.
Too many ideas in one paragraph, hahaha and also I am a poem lover, so I used to write something in unclear way,
I like to find others have a deep thinking about what I want to tell thru my words.
Of course, it different in academic content that I must write in clear way, make readers understand about the content. If not, I am sure, it'll be wasted.
Second is my speaking skill. After, really had good time with my British boss,
I thinks it'll go for long time till maybe we'll practice speaking test for iBT (it just a stupid thought, hehehe)
but he had resigned at July and I'm about waiting my new Indian boss comes.
As a closing words for this too many words, as famous quote, don't stop learning, keep learning!

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